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Air Conditioning Installation in Lubbock, TX

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


Are you tired of feeling the Texas heat inside your home? Call West-Tex Air & Refrigeration today for our expert AC installation services. We're based in the Lubbock, TX area, so we know how hot it can get. Our team of air conditioning contractors will come directly to your house and install a new AC unit quickly and efficiently. 

Keep cool all summer long. Ask us about our AC installation service today.

You’ll Have New AC in Just 3 Simple Steps

As the temperatures keep rising, you can't afford to wait for your new AC system. At West-Tex Air & Refrigeration, our three-step AC installation process will give your home cool air fast. When you hire us, we will:

  1. Come to your home and listen to your needs
  2. Give you a free estimate on a new AC system
  3. Install your new AC system to fit your home

We work with any brand of AC unit on the market. Does your home have multiple stories? Our team installs dual systems as well.

How Long Will An Air Conditioner Last In Texas?

The average air conditioner in Texas will last between 8 and 15 years, depending on the quality of the system, how often it is maintained, and the climate in which it operates. The hot temperatures and high humidity can put added strain on an air conditioner system, shortening its lifespan compared to climates with milder temperatures. Regular maintenance can help keep an air conditioner running longer, as can investing in a high-quality system with features that are designed to stand up to the conditions in Texas. Taking steps like making sure outdoor condenser units are not obstructed by shrubbery and annual filter changes can help your AC unit run more efficiently and last longer. With proper care and maintenance, your air conditioner in Texas can last many years.

Trust our expert team of air conditioning contractors. Reach out today to (806) 639-5567 to get your free estimate.

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“I was out of town with the wife and kid at home when the A/C quit. They were able to get over there that day and had it back going. Greatly appreciate your service and professionalism!” - Robert S.