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Air Conditioning Repair in Lubbock 

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A broken or temperamental air conditioner is not something any Texan wants to deal with. Since the scorching temperatures can affect residents as early as April, reliable air conditioning repair in Lubbock is a must. For effective and fast solutions, get in touch with West-Tex Air & Refrigeration. 

We can provide cost-effective and trustworthy air conditioning repair in Lubbock for any model, so call us today at (806) 639-5567 or speak to us online.

Signs That an AC Requires Repairs

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether an AC is suffering a small glitch or if it is going through something more significant. This is why turning to an AC specialist at the first warning sign is so important. Rapid action can save you from paying for an unnecessary replacement or air conditioning repairs in Lubbock.

A few of the most common indicators that an air conditioner is in trouble include:

  • Difficulty with cooling down every room of the house
  • Short cycling on and off for no reason
  • Unusual noises before, during, or after the cooling process
  • Unpleasant smells, typically of melting plastic or smoldering metal
  • A thermostat reading that does not match the actual temperature of the room
  • Reduced or missing airflow from the vents
  • Hot air blowing out rather than cool air

The Benefits of Professional AC Repair in Lubbock

Nine out of ten homes across the United States are equipped with an air conditioning system. During the hot and humid summer months in Texas, our AC units provide cool air and comfort all season long.

Rather than making the repairs on your own or replacing your AC unit entirely, have our Lubbock AC repair technician come to you and resolve the issue. Our team at West-Tex Air & Refrigeration has the license, training, and experience to identify the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs to get your system back up and running again.

The following are several benefits of professional AC repair services:

  • Increase the lifespan of your air conditioner – When there is a problem with your AC unit, making prompt repairs is important to your system’s overall life and performance. Having your air conditioner repaired in a timely manner by a professional HVAC technician can extend the life of your unit and prolong replacing it.
  • Boost energy efficiency – AC components wear out over time. When that happens, the entire system will not properly function. An HVAC technician can check different parts of the unit and even see if there is any build-up in the condensation drain to ensure your air conditioner is performing at peak capacity.
  • Improve indoor air quality – The filtration system of air conditioners trap dust, pollen, bacteria, and other airborne particles to keep the circulated air clean and safe. A professional will check all filters or replace them if necessary to purify air quality.  
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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises?

Recent air conditioning models have been made to not only run more efficiently but to make very little noise during operation. If a system has at least a two-stage motor or higher, and it is making loud and obnoxious noises, something is definitely wrong. Distinct noises indicate different problems. A banging sound, for example, usually means that the compressor is malfunctioning. Compressors are designed to help reduce a house’s heat by delivering a proper amount of refrigerant to each part. When the compressor gets old, some of its components will come loose and start banging around. 

Another typical noise is an unpleasant screeching, which often is caused by a faulty fan motor. This part resides in an outdoor condenser unit, where it is supposed to keep the refrigerant cool. When the fan motor gets disconnected or damaged, it makes a loud shrieking noise. Since there are lots of other sounds that can indicate a problem, do not wait around to see if they will eventually stop. Taking proactive steps to call a technician for air conditioning repair in Lubbock is the best way to not only get rid of annoying AC sounds but safeguard the whole system.

Is It Necessary to Schedule Immediate AC Repairs?

Not all air conditioner problems are necessarily emergencies. If there is a rattling sound within the external condenser, it might simply be a matter of removing loose debris like leaves or twigs. Other issues, like dirty coils, may require a simple fix to return them to normal. On the other hand, a broken motor or a faulty contactor relay switch will need fast repairs. Let West-Tex Air & Refrigeration provide prompt and thorough air conditioning repair in Lubbock.

For more info about air conditioning repair in Lubbock, reach our team now at (806) 639-5567. We’re available 24/7 to assist you!