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Commercial HVAC Services in Lubbock 

HVAC Services for Commercial Properties in Lubbock County & Surrounding Areas 

Owning a business involves a lot more than simply providing a set of critical services and products for people. It also involves a lot of maintenance to ensure that the building stays comfortable in every way. To prevent unexpected HVAC emergencies, rely on our team at West-Tex Air & Refrigeration for dependable solutions.

A few of our most popular commercial HVAC services in Lubbock include:

  • HVAC installation
  • HVAC maintenance
  • HVAC repair   

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Determining the Right Size of an HVAC Installation

Every day and night, commercial properties need reliable HVAC to ensure that everyone is comfortable no matter the season. Business owners might assume that this means buying the largest system possible. However, a big HVAC unit does not necessarily indicate it is better. It is critical to assess the dimensions of the space where a system is being installed. If it is too large, it will not only waste energy but will be ineffective at controlling humidity. A unit that is too small will not effectively heat or cool a room. Let our knowledgeable techs advise the best system to meet your needs.

When to Schedule Repairs for a Commercial HVAC System

Anyone who has their own HVAC unit should of course seek quick attention if something malfunctions. However, this rule is exponentially more important when it comes to commercial HVAC systems. The large-scale industrial systems are designed to service the needs of many individuals, from high-level clients to hardworking employees. Delaying in scheduling repairs for a faulty system can quickly result in an unpleasant atmosphere. To keep everyone safe and comfortable in a temperature-controlled environment, arrange for repairs at the first sign of trouble.

Typical indications that it is time to schedule commercial repairs include:

  • Uneven distribution of heating and cooling
  • Zero air flow coming from the vents
  • A thermostat that is broken or faulty
  • Bad smells from the unit when it is turned on
  • Strange noises like banging, thumping, crackling, or hissing 
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“I was out of town with the wife and kid at home when the A/C quit. They were able to get over there that day and had it back going. Greatly appreciate your service and professionalism!” - Robert S.

The Benefit of Scheduling Regular HVAC Maintenance

There are so many things on the never-ending list of tasks of taking care of a business. While it is understandable that HVAC maintenance sometimes gets forgotten, it is important to make it a priority. Regular tune-ups once or twice a year are important for even normal units. Since commercial systems get exponentially more use, they will need to be inspected much more frequently. 

Even though each checkup does incur a cost, this is nothing in comparison to having to pay for expensive breakdowns. Frequent maintenance will greatly extend the lifespan of a system, forestalling the need to order a new replacement. Learn more about our maintenance programs by speaking to our techs at West-Tex Air & Refrigeration. 

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