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Meeting the demands of a commercial kitchen, no matter how condensed or expansive it may be, requires careful planning. Let our devoted professionals at West-Tex Air & Refrigeration make life easier, so you can get on with your busy day. With our trustworthy commercial kitchen appliance services in Lubbock, no installation or repair is too challenging. For help deciding on a replacement fryer, grill, stovetop, oven, or other appliance, seek out our expert knowledge.

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Signs That an Oven Requires Repairs

Commercial ovens are heavy-duty pieces of equipment, built to sustain a lot of action in the kitchen. Even though they can withstand extremely high temperatures, they will eventually begin to malfunction from a lot of use. Looking out for the indicators an oven needs troubleshooting is a crucial task for property managers.

Some of the most common warning signals that an oven needs to be repaired include:

  • Unexpected fluctuations in how long it takes to cook things – When a trusted recipe doesn’t turn out properly because the meal has been overcooked or undercooked, this is a major warning sign. To avoid wasting valuable food and protect the oven from dangerous malfunction, call a technician.
  • A bad smell of sulfur when the oven is on – Gas leaks are actually odorless as well as colorless, which means that they would be virtually undetectable on their own. To fix this problem, a special chemical is added to natural gas that smells like rotten eggs. Whenever this odor appears, it is a clue that gas is escaping.
  • The lights of the oven turn on, or the oven seems to be running, but no heat comes on – If the oven seems to be starting but no heat is coming out, it is failing its purpose primary objective. likely one of the electrical components is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.
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Preparing for a Kitchen Appliance Installation

To feed multiple clients, guests, and staff members, commercial kitchens need to be equipped with cutting-edge cooking equipment. Thanks to advances in food preparation technology, there are higher quality grills, ovens, and stoves available for purchase. With such a comprehensive range available, kitchen owners may be prepared to buy the biggest and most advanced systems on the market. 

Before any kitchen appliance installation can take place, it is important to understand the measurements of the space. Clients may have certain specialized grills or industrial ovens they want to install. However, the kitchen must be large enough to fit the dimensions of the floors and ceilings. Moreover, if the appliance requires special electrical wiring or gas networks, these lines must be added safely, without harming the plumbing. To ensure that the blueprints are fully organized for total functionality, speak with one of our skilled experts at West-Tex Air & Refrigeration.

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