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Preparing to build your dream home? Make sure it's equipped with a top-of-the-line heating system. Turn to West-Tex Air & Refrigeration for heating installation services in the Lubbock, TX area. We can help you decide on the right heating system for your home or commercial facility and install it right away. 

You can trust us to install an energy-efficient heating system that will help minimize your energy expenses and keep your interior warm and cozy all winter long. Call (806) 639-5567 now to schedule your heating installation.

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West-Tex Air & Refrigeration can handle all of your heating installation needs in Lubbock, TX. Our team has experience installing:

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Radiant systems
  • Hybrid systems

Reach out right away at (806) 639-5567 to get heating installation services lined up. We work with all major HVAC brands.

Frequently Asked Heating Installation Questions

How Do I Know if a New Heating System is Energy Efficient?

Today’s heating systems are so energy efficient that even the least efficient system is likely more efficient than an older unit. You’ll be able to compare AFUEs (furnace efficiency ratings) and HSPFs (heat pump efficiency ratings) to make an informed decision. The higher the number, the higher the efficiency. The majority of heat pumps are more efficient than furnaces.

Consulting with a heating professional can provide invaluable insight as to how you can make sure your system runs with as little energy input as possible while keeping all of your rooms warm and comfortable.

What are the Benefits of Using a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is the most popular type of heating system in Lubbock, TX. This is because it’s a great year-round system that can operate very efficiently in milder winters like ours. As we mentioned above, these units are more efficient than furnaces, as they require significantly less energy to maintain desired temperatures. You can also set them to cool your home in the summer without purchasing an extra HVAC system.

What is the Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace?

A heat pump and a furnace are two entirely different systems that provide heating. The primary difference between the two is in their energy source: a heat pump uses electricity to move warm air from indoors to outdoors, while a furnace converts fuel into energy to create warm air indoors. Furnaces can provide more powerful heating, making them preferable for locations with frequently cold weather conditions. Ultimately, choosing between these heating systems depends largely upon the size of the space being heated, as well as individual needs and preferences. We’re here to help!

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